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A fairly realistic assessment of the legacies of a departing statesman ought to analytically disaggregate individual and public personalities of the departed

Taye Negussie (PhD)


Following the untimely death of the late Ethiopian prime minster Meles Zenawi, debate has been raging on the legacy of his statesmanship as one of the most influential leaders in recent Ethiopian history who left his notable mark in the configuring of the current Ethiopian state.
The overwhelming views in the ongoing debates mainly focus on his presumed personal and leadership qualities; the performance of the economy; the relative standing of the country in the international forum, and the track record of the government in the arena of democracy during his tenure as head of government.

“Identity is a matter of setting up similarities and differences between people” 

Taye Negussie (PHD)

Since the end of the Cold War, we have been witnessing a resurgence of a ‘radical’ identity politics–a political passion which aims to create a social order supposedly under a single, ‘master’  identity to an effective exclusion of many more other worthwhile forms of social identities.


Ethiopia is having more and more people whose self-imposed enslavement resulting from a naïve, uncritical, wholesale adoption of Western cultural values and ideals are spreading fast 

Taye Negussie (PHD)

An assessment study recently conducted on patterns of street advertisements in Addis Ababa has revealed that out of the 600 plus billboard advertisements posted on African Avenue (in-between Meskel Square and Bole Airport), more than 90 per cent were written either solely in English or English but in Amharic alphabet.