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Armed Conflict in Tigray

ICRC operations in northern Ethiopia. Photo: ICRC Addis Abeba, September 07/2021 - Displaced people have few belongings and sleep in overcrowded shelters, schools or even out in the open, where they may be exposed to the rainy season and cold weather in high-altitude regions. Water, food,

Grant Leaity, the Acting Humanitarian Coordinator in Ethiopia. Photo: Social Media Click here to download the full statement. Addis Abeba, September 03/2021 - In a statement issued yesterday, the Acting Humanitarian Coordinator for Ethiopia, Grant Leaity discussed the operational constraints affecting the humanitarian situation in northern

Archbishop Berhaneyesus Demerew Souraphiel, Head of the Ethiopian Catholic Church. Photo: Vatican News Getahun Tsegaye @GetahunTsegay12  Addis Abeba, September 02/2021 - The Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat issued a statement today asking for corrections of erroneous communication surrounding widely reported news of the church suspending aid in the Tigray