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Tigray regional state

A man on a wheelchair queued to cat his vote in today's regional election in Tigray. Photo: Electoral Commission of Tigray By Medihane Ekubamichael Addis Abeba, September 09/2020 - Some 2.7 million people who were registered to vote in today's election in Tigray regional state

Members of the HoF in today's meeting. Picture: HoF Addis Standard staffs Addis Abeba, September 05/2020 - In its closed door emergency meeting held today, Ethiopia's House of Federation (HoF) voted Tigrai regional state's regional election, scheduled to take place on September 09, is

Members of Parliament of Tigray have passed a unanimous vote today asking Tigray representatives of the HoF to boycott tomorrow's emergency meeting. Pictures: Tigray Media House “If House of Federation attempts to obstruct Tigray Regional Election , it is a declaration of war,