Do women have understanding of masculine beauty?

Ashenafi Zedebub

As researchers pointed out time and again, history provides examples of the most surprising contrasts in types of people falling in love. So, indeed, is the selection that is completely impossible to lay down rules as to which type of person is likely to appeal to other type of person as far as physical appearance comes in question.

It is undeniable fact that almost all kinds of men marry. We know that sick men marry. Lame men and fat men marry too. According to scholars,   a man, who is not fully fit, a man whose movements are too slow and who is prone to accidents very easily and quite unable to compete with the lean-in-quick movement mentally or physically, is not at all a person, who would make the best of mates. But he still finds one, who would fall in love with him.

A knock-kneed, bandy-legged, with flat chest and cross-eyed woman can also find someone to marry. The ugliest woman breathing can find a man – sometimes an elegant man – somewhere who will delightfully have her as a mate and, what more, find the love experience enjoyable.

However, there are some major points which count much. Neatness, cleanliness, tidiness of a person and attire, and, above all, that subtle thing known as “personality” are among them.  There are, however, only a handful of people, who understand that “personality” has something to count on love affairs right from the start. But, at last they will regret very much after a thorough investigation into another on matters related to personality.

It is worth noting that a woman in the developed world nowadays makes every effort as to keep the qualities that make a “person’s character”.  Such an effort considered almost as “culture” is also extended today throughout the developing countries. Nevertheless, one should take note that it is not – at least not always -a house-wife or a secretary seen with jeweled watch, ring, bracelet or necklace. It is usually a prostitute. Sadly enough, prostitution has gone so far in making a woman popular among industrialists and well-to-do people. The most expensive limousine is owned by a prostitute and top class apartments and de-luxe hotels are rented by prostitutes. I have as well witnessed here in our country, Ethiopia. It is indeed tragic, but one cannot hide the truth.  Even those semi-prostitutes, working as secretaries during the day and going out in the evenings as “call-girls,” wear the best outer garment. As far as I have also observed, they pay more attention to cosmetics than other women do. They are “attractive” too.

Such women pretend to be honest, polite and what not. Prostitutes or semi-prostitutes happen to be very impressive at first sight, even for some time longer. Hence, needless to say, they are the ones to readily offer or say “ yes “ to any type of sex act  – otherwise considered as taboo – by the so-called decent ladies or prototype of house-wives. Several husbands have abandoned their home and their wives, just because they happen to get what they want from a prostitute or call-girl as far as sex act is concerned. There are only few wives, who say “yes” to all types of sex act. They say “no” sometimes being unnecessarily stubborn.  So a man goes out with a prostitute or semi-prostitute to have all his sexual requirements fulfilled. He completely forgets her social status.  But, after weeks or months had passed, that subtle “personality” would come to light. Yes, a prostitute is nothing, but who offers her body to any person who pays for that. “A soldier of fortune!”.

If we take men, there are also men with almost no coin, but who live in genteel poverty in order to win the love of a girl. They attend events entirely different from their real character. Assuming they find a girl with artistic interest, they begin to appreciate painters; they blame all pop singers for their noisy music if the new lady happens to be interested in classic music. So, they start admiring Mozart, Bach and Beethoven only.

But it should be clearly understood that people with entirely different tastes would by no means continue and make love forever. They will fall into love and fall out of it.

On the other hand, however, there is still one great question as far as women are concerned: “Do women have understanding as regards a masculine beauty?” The celebrated scholar Owen Bloch has a reply to this question. Once he has been quoted as saying that “it is distinctive fact that throughout the history of civilization that men have always had a clearer understanding of masculine beauty than women”. As evidence pertinent to such a conclusion, he would go on to quote Caroline Schlegel writing to Luise Gotter saying: — “Hideous he may be but Sophie loved him, for what women love in men is certainly not beauty.”  It may be difficult to generalize, but that women often do love ugly men is undeniable. I myself can be counted as one to testify such truth. What about you?

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