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NewsAlert: Somali state cabinet unanimously approves government’s plan to dissolve, reintegrate regional special forces

Addis Ababa – The Cabinet of the Somali Regional state has passed a unanimous vote to implement the federal government’s plan for “the reorganization of the special forces of the region”, regional and state. Edina media reported.

Accordingly, the state cabinet decided that the leaders and members of the Special Forces of the Somali Region (commonly known us Liyu Police) “will be integrated into various security structures, depending on their choices , of the Defense, the Federal Police or the Regional Police.”

The genesis of the establishment of regional special forces traces back to the establishment in 2008 of the Liyu Police in the Somali region.

During an exclusive interview with Addis Standard in May 2019, Somali region president Mustefa Omer became the first high level government official to openly float the possibilities of disbanding regional special forces.

“Realizing that the issue is not a disarmament issue, but to get more training and weapons and enter the structures where they can better serve the country, the cabinet of the region, after a wide discussion in today’s meeting, unanimously supported the decision,” Somali Fast info reported of today’s decision by the state cabinet.

The decision was passed during the 12th regular meeting of the state cabinet held today. AS

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