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“I really enjoy making hummus. Really nothing is as simple and easy to make and yet-so-delicious-and-healthy as hummus. I make a large container of hummus and I enjoy it with my meals at least every other day.” Yasser Bagersh , Lime Tree’s head cook.
chicken curry

Yasser Bagersh, Lime Tree’s head cook, reveals some of his favourite recipes. Yasser is also kown for creating the unique flavours and tastes of Serenade Restaurant.All his recipes are simple to make and the ingredients are easy to find in Addis Ababa. Every month, Addis Standard Magazine will let you …
Photo - Johnny Stiletto

By Ashley Beck (courtesy of Marcus Samuelson) Shiro is an essential part of the Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. A favorite during Lent and Ramadan, it’s often prepared with minced onions and garlic, and some regions even add ground ginger, chopped tomatoes and chili peppers to the smooth, chickpea flour-based mixture. …