News: Command post cautions against establishment of transitional gov’t, unauthorized dissemination of martial intelligence

By Addis Standard staff

Addis Abeba, November 26,2021 – The state of emergency command post said in a statement, “Measures shall be taken against those who are indulged in activities to form a transitional government or any other form of administration outside of the constitutional framework.” It also prohibited the broadcasting of information about military activities and combat operations by anyone, including both civilian and military personnel other than a body authorized by the command post.

The operation command repeated a provision of the state of emergency declared on November 2 cautioning media against ‘directly or indirectly supporting terrorist groups’ using freedom of expression as a pretext. “The current agenda of all Ethiopians is to save their country”, the statement read, adding, “Every thought and activity must not defy this goal.” Moreover, the command post, without mentioning by name, cautioned those who are attempting to establish a transitional government.

In the statement detailing an assessment of the implementation of state of emergency provisions, the operation command announced directives to strengthen the implementation of the provisions and remove obstacles in the process.

The command post noted that among the obstacles the implementation of state of emergency provisions faced was individuals donning the uniforms of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF), federal and regional  police as well as special forces. The command post authorized security forces to take measures against anyone who is not a member of the security forces who is found wearing these uniforms but is not carrying a renewed membership ID. AS

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