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Former TPLF senior officials Sebhat Nega. Photo Credit: Addis Fortune Addis Ababa: The Federal High Court, Lideta Branch, first Human Rights bench has ordered the police to detain and bring an immigration authority officer who is accused of failing to appear in court on the

Map showing part of the locations where the latest violence is ongoing Addis Abeba - Residents say dozens of civilians are killed in a renewed violence in Jille Dhummuga district of Oromo Special Zone, in Amhara region, which involved local armed forces and local civilians.

Bereket Simon delivering policy speech at the 2016 "win-win cooperation with Africa" summit in Germany. Photo: Schiller Institute Addis Abeba - Bereket Simon, one of the founding members of the former Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) and a senior official of the EPRDF-led government, is released