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The COP26 summit 2021
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Addis Abeba, November 1/ 2021– Ethiopia is participating in COP26 climate crisis summit that kicked off on October 31, 2021. A delegate led by Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commissioner Professor Fekadu Beyene is attending the conference. The delegate is expected to participate in bilateral agreements and negotiations as well as forums that ensure Ethiopia’s interests. Moreover, it will host an online exhibition to showcase the green legacy initiative in addition to exchanging experience with partners and stakeholders on the revised climate change response and developmental safety net programs.

The British Ambassador to Ethiopia, Alastair McPhail (PhD) at a press briefing on UN Climate Summit, COP26 in Addis Abeba, on October 29, 2021,said that world leaders including delegates from Ethiopia and the AU will make ‘game changing decisions’ at the summit. 

The Ambassador stated the expectations from the Glasgow summit saying, “The headline goal is to ‘keep 1.5 alive’-limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celscius.” According to the briefing, negotiation among agreed parties from various countries is expected to result in the success of the headline goal. He detailed that the UK COP26 President, Aloc Sharma, published a ‘Climate Finance Delivery Plan’ to provide clarity on when and how developed countries will meet the $100 billion climate finance goal.

“The $100bn is a totemic goal, crucial to helping developing countries transition to clear economies and protect those worst affected by the impacts of climate change,” stated in the press briefing.

Explaining that Ethiopia demonstrated its leadership by submitting its updated and enhanced nationally determined contribution (NDC), developing an ambitious Climate-Resilient Green Economy Strategy (CRGE), and launching the Green Legacy Initiative, Alastair said that in early 2021, UK and Ethiopia signed a ‘Strategic Climate Partnership’ which commits the two countries to work together to meet Ethiopia’s climate objectives.

Addis Standard asked whether the UK government will help Ethiopia and other developing countries in building sustainable energy, because they are heavily dependent on firewood, the ambassador responded by assuring that the COP26 would address such an agenda. Ambassador Alastair concluded the briefing by stating that climate change and COP26 is a ‘top priority’ for the UK Government and the British Embassy in Ethiopia.

Climate change and COP26 is a top priority for the UK Government and the British Embassy in Ethiopia

Alastair McPhail (PhD), British Ambassador to Ethiopia,

Further highlighting Ethiopia’s presence at the summit is Demissie Assefa, an Ethiopian Engineer, who studied in Scotland more than three decades ago,  and is currently working as a management consultant in Addis Abeba. Demissie went to Glasgow at his expense to attend the COP26 Summit on a mission ‘to highlight the plight of African nations’ as a result of climate change.

Demissie is leading a campaign, “Africa is burning, demanding the world’s richest nations make the necessary cuts to greenhouse gas emissions and pay up cash promised to protect communities on the frontline of climate breakdown.”

Demissie Assefa travelled all the way to Glasgow from Addis Abeba
to campaign for climate action on behalf of all Africans during the COP26 summit

Demissie told a Scottish newspaper, “Africa is going through this vicious circle of poverty through drought, famine, locusts, war, coups and corruption, while this pin-striped dude is prophesying  a gold rush.”

Demissie described the suffering many Ethiopians have faced in relation to shortage of rain saying, “When it comes to Ethiopia, 85 percent of the 100 million plus population is dependent on agriculture.” He added, “Every time the rains are late, or don’t show up at all, people starve.” He further calls African people to fight for their survival and future if their leaders are not competent enough to secure the continent’s interests. 

The COP26  International Conference launched with the motto “Zero-Net Emission in 2050” where world leaders convened the COP26 conference in the Scottish city of Glasgow to address the worsening effects of climate change and the failure of major industrial nations to agree on their enthusiastic commitments. AS

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