News: Ruling Prosperity Party head in East Wollega, Oromia shot dead

The late Desalegn Bokonja. Photo: Nekemte City Communication offcie

Addis Abeba – Desalegn Bokonja, head of the ruling Prosperity Party (PP) office in East Wollega Zone in Oromia regional state, was shot dead today in Nekemte city,the city’s communication bureau said.

Desalegn was killed this morning “at the door of his residence” in what the communication office said was “an attack by unknown” assailants. He left his residence to go to his workplace the office said, describing him as “a fearless comrade” who was not concerned about his personal and family life as he “tired day and night” to change the city since he was young. youth and has been working hard to ensure the benefits of his people.

“Today is a day of darkness and sorrow for the city of Nekemte; we are deeply saddened by the loss of our comrade who is determined to ensure the interest of our people”, the statement from the office further said, and assured the people that “the development and the journey to prosperity will continue.”

The office did not mention the possible suspects but called on the community “to condemn such acts and work with the government to protect the security of each other.” AS

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