News: Gambella regional gov’t appoints eight new officials in the wake of a series of security incidents

Umod Ujulu, President of Gambella Regional State (Photo: Gambella Regional Gov’t Press Secretariat Office)

Addis Abeba – The Gambella regional government appointed eight new officials yesterday, as announced by the President of the region, Umod Ujulu.

The appointments aim to swiftly respond to the calls for peace, development, and effective governance made by the people of Gambella, according to the president.

Umod emphasized that the new officials will play a crucial role in enhancing leadership implementation capacity and resolving related challenges.

Among the newly appointed officials are Bagwal Jok, assigned as the head of the Peace and Security Administration Bureau; Cham Ubong, appointed as the head of the Justice Bureau; and Dr. Chol Ked, who has been appointed as the director-general of the Gambella Rural Roads Authority.

This decision follows the removal of several senior regional officials from their positions by the Gambela regional government two weeks ago.

The officials relieved of their duties include Akwai Ubuti, former Chief of the Regional Justice Bureau; Chol Kun, former head of the Peace and Security Administration Bureau; and Bitew Dak, former director-general of the Gambella Rural Roads Authority.

The Gambela regional government secretariat office cited a series of security incidents in the region as the reason for these dismissals.

Several news articles published by Addis Standard have highlighted the escalating violence and instability in Gambella stemming from attacks by armed groups.

Notably, a recent attack on a bus traveling from Gambella city to Lare district resulted in three fatalities and multiple injuries, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

In May 2023, disturbances in Itang special district and Gambella city claimed nine lives and left 17 individuals injured. Additionally, an armed assault on two public buses near Gambella city in July 2023 led to three fatalities and 23 wounded passengers.

A report by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) revealed that ongoing conflicts and assaults on refugees in the Gambella region since May 2023 have tragically resulted in 138 deaths and 113 injuries. AS

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