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News: Deadly armed attack on bus in Gambella region leaves three dead, several injured

On Wednesday morning, March 27, 2024, an armed attack on a bus traveling from Gambella city to Lare district in Nuer Zone, Gambella region, resulted in the deaths of three individuals and injuries to several others (Photo: Addis Standard Sources)

Addis Abeba – A tragic incident transpired in the early hours of Wednesday, 27 March, 2024, when an armed assault targeted a bus journeying from Gambella city to Lare district in the Nuer Zone of the Gambella region, resulting in the fatalities of three individuals and causing injuries to several others.

Multiple sources disclosed to Addis Standard that the attack took place between Abol district and Tharpam Refugee Camp at approximately 10 a.m. while the bus was in transit.

According to a source, several buses had left Gambella City in a convoy this morning. However, one specific bus encountered a delay at the beginning of its trip, rendering it susceptible to an assault by the attackers.

“The attackers aimed at all the buses, yet the targeted bus’s delayed departure made it particularly vulnerable to the assault,” elucidated the source.

Another source informed Addis Standard that the casualties included a woman, a child, and the bus driver, all of whom were fatally shot.

Furthermore, there are passengers whose whereabouts are currently unknown, with the source attributing the attack to militias associated with the “Anyuaa” group.

According to sources, five individuals were also reported to have been killed yesterday in the Abobo district, located 50 kilometers from Gambella city. The incident occurred within expansive plantation fields.

These recent incidents occurred a week subsequent to a shooting incident in Gambella City that resulted in a traffic police officer being critically injured, prompting the suspension of transportation services, banks, and other crucial services within the city.

The Gambella region has witnessed a rise in intercommunal violence since March 2023, following an incident in which nine individuals were killed and 17 others were injured during unrest in Itang special district and the capital, Gambella City.

In July 2023, Addis Standard documented an incident where three individuals lost their lives and 23 others sustained injuries in an armed assault targeting two public buses near Gambella City.

More recently, in February 2024, Addis Standard reported on assaults carried out by armed militias throughout Gambella, resulting in the fatalities of two individuals and numerous injuries.

A recent report by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) reveals that since May 2023, a total of 138 individuals have been killed and 113 others injured due to confrontations between communities and attacks on refugees in Ethiopia’s Gambella region. AS

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