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Book release: A Film History in Ethiopia; from Grand Palace to ETHIOFFEST

 Addis Abeba, November 02/2018 – “A Film History in Ethiopia; from Grand Palace to ETHIOFFEST” was published and made available to the international market by the renowned publisher Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) on October 29, 2018. .Authored by Yirgashewa Teshome Amare, the book is the first book ever published by an Ethiopian in this subject matter, according to Yirgashewa.

“The book generally focuses on the film development in Ethiopia from the first introduction to the establishment of Ethiopian International Film Festival (ETHIOFFEST) which is being organized under my direction,” Yirgashewa told Addis Standard.

It has two major chapters. One is on the film history in Ethiopia classified with the different stages of Ethiopian’s modern history: the reign of Emperor Menelik II (1880 <1880>s-1908s); the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie I (1930-1974 <19301974>); the Derg/Mengistu regime (1975-1991 <19751991>); and the current EPRDF government (1991 <1991> to date).

The second chapter will focus on the entire activities of Ethiopian International Film Festival (ETHIOFFEST) including its contribution to the film development since its arrival to date.

“The book argues that Ethiopia is the first African country not only to be introduced with the 20th century invention cinema, but also to make a film. As it is rarely written on this topic, the book is aimed at bridging the gap created in writing of film history in Africa and the world,” Yirgashewa said. AS


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