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State of Emeregncy

A scene from a busy street in Addis Abeba By Addis Standard Staff Addis Abeba, November 05/2021 -State of Emergency Operation Command said that it has confirmed that residence ID cards are being illegally issued in Amhara and Oromia regional states as well as in Addis

Mana maree bakka bu'oota uummataaMadda: House of Peoples Representatives of FDRE Darajjee Gonfaa tiin  @DerejeGonfa Finfinnee,Sadaasa 4/ 2021 - Itoophiyaatti labsiin yeroo muddamaa baatii ja’aaf turuu labsameera. Labsiin kun har’a mana maree bakka bu’oota uummataattii dhiyaachuun ragga’ee jira.  Kana malees manni maree bakka bu’oota

Debretsion Gebremichael (PhD), vice president of Tigray Regional State Addis Abeba, March 26/2020 - The Council of Tigray Regional State announced region-wide state of emergency to prevent the possible spread of #COVID19, Tigray Mass Media Agency reported. Today's announcement comes a day after the