News: Former state minister Taye Dendea arrested over alleged terrorist ties

Former State Minister for Peace, Taye Dendae (Photo: Ministry of Peace/Facebook)

Addis Abeba – Taye Dendea, the former State Minister for Peace, has been apprehended today by the Federal Security and Intelligence Task Force.

According to the statement put forward by the Task Force, the arrest comes following a thorough investigation revealing alleged evidence of Taye’s participation in terrorist activities during his tenure in a high-ranking position within the administration.

The statement continues by explaining that Taye, who held the crucial role of State Minister with a focus on peacebuilding, is alleged to have acted in a manner inconsistent with his responsibilities. The Task Force asserts that he actively collaborated with groups that aimed to destabilize Ethiopia and communicated messages via social media that criticized the government while endorsing violence.

Based on the statement, the Task Force had been conducting continuous surveillance and investigation of Taye due to suspicions that he was involved in a conspiracy to overthrow the government and party structure. The joint task force alleged that Taye had been conspiring with leaders of the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), referred to as “Shane” by the government, and other extremist groups involved in terrorist activities.

The Task Force alleged that Taye was involved in terrorist activities targeting innocent citizens in different areas of our country, particularly in relation to kidnappings.

In a search of Taye’s residence conducted within the bounds of the law, the task force alleges making a significant seizure of evidence. This encompassed nine mobile phones, three iPods, four laptops, assorted flash drives, four distinct vehicle plates, electronic devices, Kalashnikov rifles, pistols, OLA logos, and IDs associated with anti-peace activities. The statement underscored the finding of documents and notes that bolster Taye’s alleged involvement in destructive activities.

Furthermore, the joint task force revealed that another individual, linked to OLA and utilizing multiple IDs, was apprehended inside the residence of Taye during the operation.

The Security and Intelligence Task Force pledged to maintain rigorous surveillance and provide ongoing public disclosure of legal actions taken against government officials involved in these alleged activities.

On 11 December, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed dismissed Taye from his cabinet-level role in a letter expressing gratitude for his service since October 2021. However, the reasons for his termination were not specified.

Following his dismissal, Taye characterized Prime Minister Abiy as someone who is “playing with human blood.” Taye has been an outspoken critic of the administration in his home region of Oromia.

In recent weeks, Taye has been vocal in his criticism of the government on social media and in interviews, blaming authorities for failed peace talks and condemning the arrest of protestors. AS

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