Simple and none exotic, yet what your body needs most to stay fit


All foods contain calories and can be possiblecauses for fat formation, but certain foods can also promote the reduction ofbody fat and weight loss because of theminerals and vitamins they contain,or because theyhave less calories and at the same time needa complex digestion and assimilation process, or others create a sense of fullness even when consumed in small amounts.Consuming these foods, over a period of time and in the right quantities, will definitely make sure that the fat profile starts reducing.

Minerals and oils contained in garlic have properties that increase metabolism and facilitatethe breaking down of unhealthy fats that will lead to high cholesterol levels. Garlic isalso known to increasebody temperature and therefore aid thebody burn fat more efficiently. It can be added  to food as flavoring but one should be careful about the amount of garlic consumed as anything in excess may be harmful.

Broccoliis a low calorie and zero fat vegetable that can accompany practically any type of food. It has a great deal of fiber-a great booster for metabolism- whichhelps to avoid overeating and loads of other health benefits.

 Green tea

The secret behind the fat burning ability of Green tea are the antioxidants, and especially EGCG, which acts on burning calories throughout the day. Green tea also causes carbohydrates to be released slowly in the bloodstream, preventing increases in blood-insulin levels whichcausethe body to burn fat. In addition it is also a mild suppressant of the appetite that makes one eat less. It contains only a modest amount of caffeine and thus can act as a boost for metabolism without over-burdening the heart.

Citrus fruits

Consuming citrus fruits at breakfast isan excellent wayto start reducing the fat inthe body. Not only they provide the body with easy energy to increase its metabolism but they also provide agood amount of Vitamin C, a constituent of fruits involved in the oxidation of fat.Excellent fat-burning citrus fruits are Oranges, Limes, Kiwi fruits, Grape fruits and Tangerines. Just make sure you eat them fresh rather than in the form of juice or supplements as they arealso highest in fiber.


Beans are high in protein and fiber;they have no fat and are low in calorie, a combination that would make them an ideal fat-burning food. Beans are also known for their ability to keep the digestive system efficient and clean. Beans that are conducive to fat-burning are kidney beans, navy beans, lima beans and white beans. Consume them plain for better results.


Plain or natural oatmeal – not the flavored oatmeal- can help you lose body fat. Oats contain a good amount of fiber and this fiber will keep onefrom feeling hungry for long periods of time andat the same time keep energy levels high. Whole grains in general are beneficial not just because of their high fiber content, but also because of their minerals and phytonutrients content.

These foods are excellent for fat reduction because they are natural, low in calories, rich in minerals and vitamins and high in water content.Adding this technique to your weight loss plans can be a plus. But of coursethis does not mean that it should be the only thing to do as there are certainly a lot of approaches for weight loss.Not to forget are exercise and a healthy living as the key to effective and healthy weight loss is not through diet alone but also exercise and healthy life style.

 Faben Getachew holds an MSc in Food and Nutrition and is host of a 60 minute nutrition radio show on Afro FM 105.3

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