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#ASDailyScoop: Ethio-Sudan border via Gallabat-Metema reopens for movement of people, goods

Ethio-Sudan Gallabat-Metema border crossing. Picture: Screengrab/AS

Addis Abeba – The Ethio-Sudan cross border trade and movement of people via the Gallabat-Metema resumed after several months, Amhara regional state government media reported.

In early April 2021,Sudan had closed the strategic crossing blaming an attack by Ethiopian militiamen against Sudanese custom officers in the presence of Ethiopian forces. After a brief reopening the border was again closed in July 2021 after Sudanese authorities accused Ethiopian militiamen of murdering a Sudanese military officer after he was kidnapped from the crossing point.

It remained closed until January this year, when Ethiopian and Sudanese military officials held talks and agreed to form joint border patrols in the border crossing areas between the two countries. According to Sudanese media reports, the joint meeting, “which lasted more than six hours, agreed to deploy joint border patrols to maintain security, keep refugee camps away from the border and exchange information.”

The border was then briefly reopened, but Sudanese authorities closed it only 10 days after the resumption of cross-border movement of people and goods.

Gallabat-Metema border reopening ceremony. Picture: AMC

During the reopening meeting on 02 March, Colonel Mohamed Abdel Madid, Gellabat Customs Office Head, said that security forces of the two countries should work together to solve security problems in the region including in areas of information exchange and joint survey to ensure mutual security.

Getu Seleme, head of the Metema Yohannes City Administration Peace and Security Office, on his part said that the two authorities will work together to stop criminal activities in the area and to ensure the peace and continue to strengthen business ties.

Movement of people and import and export of goods is allowed from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM local time. AS

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