#ASDailyScoop: Ethiopia federal police seize Eritrean Nakfa, other foreign currencies illegally moving in Addis Abeba

Addis Abeba: The Ethiopian Federal Police stated that it seized a sum of foreign currency originating from different countries, in collaboration with the community and other security forces that was being moved illegally in Addis Ababa city on Friday, 5th of August, 2022.

During the operation 27, 491 US dollars, 15, 325 Euros, 680 Pounds Sterling:  , 6 689 Eritrean Nakfa, 5,200 Swiss Francs, 500 Angola Kwanza, 1,680 Qatar Riyals, 1,000 Norwegian krone and 49,735 Ethiopian birr as well as many bank saving books.  71 suspects have been put under arrest in connection with this. The Ethiopian Federal Police has announced that an investigation is underway.

The Federal Police has called on the community to work with security forces in  exposing such illegal money handling  to tackle the impact it has on the national economy. AS

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