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#ASDailyScoop: EzEMA, NaMA hold first consultative meeting, agree to take common position on national issues of concern

EzEMA and NaMA logos

Addis Abeba – Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (EzEMA) and National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) announced holding the first round of consultative meeting on the current national political affairs on Thursday.

In a short statement both issued separately, the parties also said they have agreed to take common positions on national issues of concern and continue to hold similar joint meetings.

The leaders of both political parties, Professor Berhanu Nega of EzEMA, and Belete Molla of NaMA, are Minister of Education and Minister of Innovation and Technology, respectively, and are part of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s cabinet; whereas some members of EZeMA are part of the Addis Abeba city administration. NaMA also has members representing the party’s constituencies in the national Parliament.

The two parties issued separate statements this week strongly opposing the removal of the TPLF from terrorist designation by the parliament. EzEMA said the parliament’s decision was “not timely and will not bring lasting peace and acceptance of TPLF to the entire Ethiopian people.”

NaMA in its part said removing the TPLF from the designation was “an irresponsible decision” and will lead to “another round of conflict and war in the foreseeable future.” AS

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