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#ASDailyScoop: Ministry cautions cement factories owing 2.6M tons in outstanding deliveries; new manual in the making

Addis Abeba – Takele Uma, Minister of Mines and Petroleum, said that the Ministry has cautioned cement factories to use their full potential and fast-track outstanding deliveries of cement amounting 2.6 million tons.

Minister Takele also said the ministry was preparing a manual outlining new  guideline for hand-to-hand cement retail works.

According to Takele, “cement factories already owe more than 2.6 million tons of cement”, resulting in delayed delivery to consumers which has a “direct impact on the cement supply chain, inflation”, as well as creating “negative impact on the supply of raw materials.”

These factories, which are heavily indebted with cement supply, “have been cautioned to use their full potential by increasing production" to “complete outstanding deliveries to their customers.”

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, in collaboration with Ministry of Trade and relevant institutions and cement factories, is preparing a new manual intended to facilitate the hand-to-hand sale of cement products and will soon be approved and operational, Minister Takele further said. AS 

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