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News: One killed, 16 injured after security forces open fire on protesters in Birqod, Somali region

The town of Birqod after the Tuesday’s incident (Photo: Birqod Media/Facebook)

Addis Abeba – A mother of two children named Shugri Abdulahi Ibrahim was shot dead while 16 others were injured by security forces in Birqod district of Jarar zone in Somali regional state on Tuesday, after security forces opened fire on protesters. A resident who preferred to remain anonymous for security reasons told Addis Standard that the protest erupted after individuals allegedly commissioned by the regional government sealed a water borehole vital for locals.

According to the resident, Shugri was shot dead while breastfeeding her four-month old baby at her doorstep. Two out of the 16 injured were in a critical condition and were taken to Jigjiga referral hospital, which is located more than 240 km kilometers from Birqod district, they added. Following the protests, security forces went door to door and arrested more than 80 people, including elders, religious leaders, women, and youth, another informant told Addis Standard.

In a separate incident, federal government forces allegedly shot and injured six individuals in Hargelle district, Afder zone in an assault on a bus traveling from Dollo Odo to Gode on the same day, a source told Addis Standard adding that the victims were taken to Hargelle hospital. A doctor from the hospital confirmed to Addis Standard that four of the injured are receiving treatments at the hospital, one critically injured victim is referred to another hospital whereas the other remaining victim was discharged after immediate treatments. 

In June, at least four people were killed,  three others injured in Kebri Dehar city, in Somali regional state, after a soldier purportedly identified as a member of Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) indiscriminately fired on civilians. Earlier in March, Addis Standard reported quoting a local official who said three people were killed and six others were severely injured after members of the defense forces fired on a crowd during a protest held in Ayisha district, Sitti Zone of the Somali region.

Local and regional officials were unreachable for comments on the two latest incidents. AS

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