#ASDailyScoop: Ruling party to hold first ever general assembly

Former Speaker of the House of Federation, Adem Farah, is currently the chief Secretariat of the ruling Prosperity Party (PP). Pictures: PP

Addis Abeba – The ruling Prosperity Party (PP) said it has finalized preparations to hold its first ever general assembly in Addis Abeba under the theme “From Challenge to Highness.”

The general assembly is scheduled to take place from 10 – 12 March 2022. According to a press statement issued by the party’s top leadership at the its headquarters, the Prosperity Party has more than 11 million members throughout the country and all members will participate in conferences before the general assembly convened. A total of 1,600 voting members and 400 guests without voting rights will participate in the assembly. In addition, opposition political parties from the country and 41 different parties from abroad will be invited.

In the presser given by, among others, PP Chief Secretariat Adem Farah, the Party said the general assembly is expected to pass major decisions about the country’s political, economic and social issues, and will show that the party is using the votes of the people properly and responsibly. Last week, the party has held both its executive and central committee meetings respectively.

The successor of the EPRDF, Prosperity Party had received registration certificate from the electoral board and participated in the last general elections, in which it won a landslide, without first holding its general assembly as per the requirement of the country’s electoral law.

On 16 February, however, the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) issued statement cautioning a total of 26 political parties, including the ruling Prosperity Party, and several other major opposition parties, to convene their general assemblies within one month period of time. AS

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