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#ASDailyScoop: Russian Embassy denies long queue of Ethiopians to join Russian army, says queue show of solidarity

Ethiopian men seen in a long queue at the entrance of the Embassy in Addis Abeba. Picture: Social media

Addis Abeba – The Russian Embassy in Addis Abeba denied that pictures and information circulating on Social Media showing long queue of Ethiopians at the entrance of the Embassy in Addis Abeba were Ethiopians waiting in line to join the Russian army in its invasion of Ukraine. But admitted that the queue was that of Ethiopians lined up to show solidarity.

Russian embassy Press attaché Maria Chernukhina told AlAin website that “Russia has not advertised to recruit Ethiopians for the war in Ukraine, and the information circulation social media is false.” But she said it was true that Ethiopians had gone to the embassy “to show their solidarity with Russia.” The Press attache also said that many Ethiopians were sending email and delivering messages in person that they are on Russia’s side in the war against Ukraine, and Russia “thanks them.”

Meanwhile, the embassy of Ukraine in Addis Abeba informed a fact checking website, Ethiopia Check, that “this is a tragic happening. If an Ethiopian dies in this war, it will be a tragedy for both Ukraine and Ethiopia.” AS

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