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#ASDiailyScoop: Fed. Police says investigating “extremist forces” suspected of property damage on Addis Abeba Islamic Affairs Council bureau

Federal Police members. Picture Credit: Minasse Wondimu Hailu – Anadolu Agency

Addis Abeba – The Federal Police Commission said that it was investigating “extremist forces” suspected of causing property damage at the Addis Abeba Islamic Affairs Council bureau on Thursday 30 June.

According to a short statement by the Federal Police Commission, information the Police obtained indicates that using some “disagreements” these “extremist forces” are “working with our internal and external enemies to disrupt the peace and security of our country.”

The police said that glasses at the office of Addis Abeba Islamic Affairs Council in the capital sustained minor damage by “these organized forces”. “The Police has apprehended these forces and is investigating them in accordance with the law,” the statement said.

Furthermore, “information obtained indicate that extremist forces are collaborating with our foreign enemies to bring various weapons into the country to disrupt the peace of our country,” the Federal Police said without providing further explanation.

“We urge the entire Muslim community of our country to realize this and do their part to ensure that the peace and security of the country and the religion is not disrupted,” the Police said, and cautioned to take “strict legal measures” against those that do not refrain.AS

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