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#ASDialyScoop: Ethiopian media Authority, Gov’t Communication Service holding annual conference under the theme ‘True Information for Multinational Unity’

EMA DG Mohammed Idriss and Gov’t Communication Services Minister Dr. Legesse Tulu. Pictures: EMA

Addis Abeba – The Ethiopian Media Authority, in collaboration with the Government Communication Service, is holding an annual Media and Communication Conference under the theme “True Information for Multinational Unity.”

According to EMA, the purpose of the conference is to assess and discuss the contribution the media had on the existing circumstances in the country and to reach at a common understanding that will enable the media and communication sector to move the country towards better peace, unity and development.

The conference started with a welcome speech from EMA Director General, Mohammed Idris, and Minister for Communication Service, Dr. Legesse Tulu.

In his opening speech EMA DG Mohammed said that the conference was a forum to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the media and communication sector in Ethiopia and its roles to strengthen the contribution of the media to the building of peace, development and democracy in the country.

Dr. Legesse on his part said that the media and communication sector in the country needs to work together to build the image of the country and strengthen Ethiopia’s multinational unity by providing integrated and coordinated information.

In his opening remarks, Tagesse Chafo, Speaker of the House People’s Representatives (HoPR) thanked the media for their role in the overall development of our country, especially for their significant contribution to the country’s survival campaign.

Tagesse called on the media to play their role in nation building, national unity and the prevention of false information and hate speech.

Furthermore, he underlined that much as the media contributes to this end, false information and hate speech spread by irresponsible media outlets can have a devastating effect on the public and national security. Accordingly the media, civic associations, government and non-governmental organizations and the people of Ethiopia should work together more than ever. AS

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