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Breaking: Top former TPLF officials released

By Mahlet Fasil @mahletfasil

Addis Abeba: Top former TPLF officials among prisoners being released, state media reported. Among the released include Sebhat Nega, Mulu G/Egziabher, Kidusan Nega, Ambassador Abadi Zemu, Abay Woldu. Families of Sebehat Nega told Addis Standard he is already released.

They are among 20 senior TPLF leaders who were accused of organizing an illegal group to overthrow the constitutional order, attacking the Northern Command, inciting youths to fight, looting fuel depots, and killing several members of the Defense Forces. (read our analysis here).

The Federal Police Criminal Investigation team alleged that that they had also been involved in unconstitutional activities related to establishing contacts with different foreign countries, fundraising for war, shooting rocket-propelled grenades at airports in Gonder and Bahir Dar, and other crimes.

Federal Attorney General and the Federal Police have issued arrest warrants for several TPLF military and political leaders in connection with the crisis in Tigray State for reasons of suspects leading the TPLF, attacking the Northern Command in the Tigray region, committing treason, and abducting members of the Defense Forces and the police.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, in his annual message in connection with the Ethiopian Christmas, Gena, spoke about the need for “national reconciliation.”

In a separate message on January 07, PM Abiy said that his administration will follow four principles in the wake of what he described as “the day after our victory” referring to the year long civil war. “First we will protect our victory in every possible way. Second, we will end our victory in political and peaceful ways. Third, we will alleviate the tensions created by the conflict by our mercy of our victory in order to maintain our victory and and make it sustainable. Fourth: We will bring about transitional justice to hold those who committed crimes accountable taking into account our national traditions and values. We apply all these principles as needed without one replacing the other and in a way that makes all of us the winners.” AS

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