Business: Ethiopost, Dodai Manufacturing partner to ensure sustainable delivery solutions

Addis Abeba – As part of its commitment to technological advancement and strategic innovation, Ethiopost, Ethiopia’s state-owned postal services delivery announced its exclusive partnership with Dodai Manufacturing PLC (“Dodai”), a recently incorporated organization launched in Addis Abeba on 01 August this year with a mission to make e-mobility accessible to everyone in Africa through innovative products.

According to a statement sent to Addis Standard, through this collaboration, Ethiopost will continue its services of “Post for everyone,” further emphasizing its intent to evolve into a technology-driven service provider and setting a new standard in sustainable delivery solutions.

Dodai’s e-motorbikes, which stand central to this partnership, are powered by a 3.6kWh capacity lithium battery, delivering a remarkable 120-150 km range on a single charge. With a battery lifespan three times longer than traditional lead-acid batteries, Dodai’s advanced features play a crucial role in Ethiopost’s decision for this collaboration.

Hanna Arayaselassie, CEO of Ethiopost, said, “at Ethiopost, our century-long journey has always been about adapting and innovating. Partnering with Dodai signifies our commitment to a cleaner future and our ambition to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into our delivery solutions.”

Echoing this sentiment, Yuma Sasaki, CEO of Dodai Manufacturing PLC, in his part said,
the collaboration with Ethiopost is “a testament to Dodai’s vision for sustainable e-mobility. Together, we’re not just shaping the future of deliveries in Addis Abeba but also setting a precedent for the rest of the country.”

This exclusive partnership is expected to reflect a mutual goal for a greener and more efficient delivery ecosystem in Addis Abeba and beyond which will allow the city’s residents to enjoy the evolution in their delivery experiences. AS

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