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Oromo Liberation Front

Lencho Letta. Photo: EPA Addis Abeba - Lencho Letta, a retired veteran Oromo politician and one of the early founders of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), said that the the federal government should remove terrorism designation from the Oromo Liberation Army (referred by the government as

Ailing high ranking OLF officials Kennasa Ayana, Dawit Abdeta, Geda Gebissa and Geda Oljirra (PhD), Photo: Social Media Addis Abeba -  Kennasa Ayana, member of the executive committee of the opposition Oromo Liberation  Front (OLF) and three other senior officials of the party who are also

Colonel Gemechu Ayana, former member of the OLA and current senior officer of the OLF, Photo: Addis Standard Following the peace agreement that ended the two years war in Northern Ethiopia, and amid increasing militarized hostilities between government forces and armed members of the Oromo Liberation