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Ambassador Dina Mufti, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. at yesterday's bi-weekly briefing. Getahun Tsegaye @GetahunTsegay12 Addis Abeba, September 03/2021 - Ambassador Dina Mufti, the Spokesperson of of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), gave the Ministry’s biweekly press briefing yesterday to local and

Archbishop Berhaneyesus Demerew Souraphiel, Head of the Ethiopian Catholic Church. Photo: Vatican News Getahun Tsegaye @GetahunTsegay12  Addis Abeba, September 02/2021 - The Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat issued a statement today asking for corrections of erroneous communication surrounding widely reported news of the church suspending aid in the Tigray

Ned Price, Spokesperson for the State Department. Photo: Screengrab By Bileh Jelan @BilehJelan Addis Abeba, September 02/2021 - In corresponding statements, the United States States department and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) complained of the worsening humanitarian situation in Tigray,