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Tigray regional state

On 18 February 2023, the TPLF celebrated the 48th anniversary of its foundation with various events held in Mekelle and other parts of the Tigray regional state. Photo: TPLF Addis Abeba - Members of the Ethiopian House of Peoples Representatives (HoPR) during its 6th round, 2nd

Addis Abeba - Announcing the release of the 2022 Human Rights Report, the U.S. said it has determined that members of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces, Eritrean Forces and Amhara forces have committed "crimes against humanity" in the Tigray region, whereas all sides have committed "war

Amhara region police forces paroling parts of western Tigray. Photo: Archive/Screenshot Addis Abeba – Authorities in Tigray have asked the federal government of Ethiopia to work on and enforce the withdrawal of the Amhara armed forces from the Tigray Regional State territories, after a pro-Amhara ownership