News: Debre Tabor command post relaxes curfew hours amid ‘improved security situation’ in Amhara region

(Photo: Debre Tabor Communications/Facebook)

Addis Abeba – The military command post responsible for overseeing the state of emergency in DebreTabor has announced a revision to the curfew imposed on the city.

Effective immediately, adjustments have been made to both vehicular and pedestrian curfew hours.

Previously set at 7 PM, the vehicular curfew has now been extended to 8 PM, while the pedestrian curfew, initially enforced until 8 PM, has been extended to 9 PM.

In a statement released yesterday, the command post stated, “This decision follows a thorough evaluation of the current security conditions within the city.”

It expressed appreciation for the support received from the community, attributing “the improved security situation” to the collaborative efforts of city residents.

Situated in the North Gondar Zone of the Amhara region, Debre Tabor city has been significantly affected by the militarized conflict between the federal government and the non-state militia, Fano.

Despite the declaration of a six-month state of emergency in the region in August 2023, hostilities between the Fano militia and government forces continued to escalate. Following the conclusion of the initial six-month period, the parliament extended the state of emergency for an additional four months in February 2024.

Similar curfews have been implemented in other urban areas within the Amhara in response to the increased conflict in the region.

At the start of January 2024, the command post implemented a complete prohibition on Bajaj vehicles within Debre Berhan city following reported confrontations between state security personnel and armed groups.

Nevertheless, the curfew was eased two weeks subsequent to its initiation.

Recently, the military command post responsible for managing the state of emergency in Amhara enforced an indefinite restriction on all forms of travel along the primary asphalt route connecting Debre Berhan and Dessie cities.

This action was taken subsequent to the violent deaths of eight civilians last month. AS

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