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News: EU temporarily suspends entry visas to Ethiopian nationals, cites gov't 'low level of cooperation'

Addis Abeba – The Council of the European Union decided today “to temporarily suspend certain elements of the EU law that regulates the issuing of visas to Ethiopian nationals.”

The Council said that the decision was based on regular assessment by the EU Commission on “the cooperation of third countries on readmission” of nationals who are “illegally staying in the EU.” The suspension decision is temporary but does not come with a specific end date.

“These assessments may lead to the conclusion that a given third country does not cooperate sufficiently. In such cases, the EU may decide to suspend the application of certain provisions of the visa code,” the Council said.

It will therefore be “no longer be possible for member states” to waive requirements with regard to the evidence to be submitted by Ethiopian visa applicants; to issue multiple entry visas; and to waive the visa fee for holders of diplomatic and service passports.

In addition, the council increased the standard visa-processing period from 15 to to 45 calendar days.

“This decision follows an assessment by the Commission, which concludes that cooperation by Ethiopia in the field of readmission of its nationals illegally staying in the EU is insufficient. There is a lack of response from the Ethiopian authorities with regard to readmission requests and difficulties persist with the issuance of emergency travel documents and with the organization of both voluntary and non-voluntary return operations,” the Council said. AS

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