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In Pictures: 75th Gadaa power transfer ceremony of Gujii Oromo kicks off in Me’ee Bokkoo

Addis Abeba – The 75th Gadaa power transfer ceremony of the Gujii Oromo, marking the handover of power from the Harmuufaa to Roobalee Gadaa classes have commenced in Me’ee Bokkoo, a ritual site found in Annaa Sorraa district of Gujii zone, Southern Oromia.

Inscribed by the UNESCO in 2016 as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Gadaa is an indigenous democratic system of governance exercised by the Oromo people regulating political, economic, social and religious activities.

The ceremony kicked off following Abbaa Gadaas from the three confederacies of the Gujii namely Uraagaa, Maattii and Hookkuu alongside their counselors and members of their delegation arrived at Me’ee Bokkoo and settled in their temporary house called “Qachaa” on Tuesday.

Today marks the first day of Gumii, congress of Gadaa leaders who gather to legislate customary laws that govern the Gujii for the coming eight years.

The actual power transfer ceremony, which takes place every eight years seeing rotation of power between the five Gadaa classes; Dhallanaa, Harmuufaa, Roobalee, Muudanaa and Halchiisaa, is expected to be held next week following the completion of legislation by the Gumii.

Photo Courtesy: Oromia Culture and Tourism Bureau and Oromia Tourism Commission

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