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#Innovation: Jimma University students assemble fuel manufacturing machine in times of national, global shortage

Addis Abeba: Jimma Institute of Technology announced that graduating students of the 2022 Mechanical Engineering class produced a machine that utilized inputs of plastic to output fuel.  

It has been said that the fuel is made from recycled plastic which is heated and produces fuel in the end through a process called pyrolysis. Furthermore, indicating that such an innovation would have great contributions toward alleviating the fuel shortages being faced at the national level. 

In trials attempted to date, three kilos of plastic material were able to deliver three liters of fuel, which laid hopes for broader production levels in the future, according to the engineering students. 

In expanded views of its other benefits, the sustainability of the environment was one in which plastic that would otherwise be polluting nature would be employed towards positive ends. 

The institute implied that the product had been tested and proven applicable for generators, basic vehicles, and simple house appliances.  

The students in concern expressed an intent to collaborate with the manufacturer and customer in order to enhance the potential of the innovation and also thanked the university for the support it afforded them. AS

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