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News: 65% of people in Irob, NE Tigray facing extreme food insecurity; 87,000 people displaced within eastern zone in March: UN

Irob, also referred to as Irob land or Adi Irob (ዓዲ ኢሮብ/ኢሮብ ዲክ) in Tigrigna/Saho, is located in the north eastern part of Tigray. It borders Eritrea to the north, Ethiopia’s Afar region to the east, and the remainder of Tigray to the southwest. Irob is part of a region in northeastern Tigray historically called Agame, which had Adigrat as its capital,” Source OMNA Tigray: Picture: Prof. Kindeya Gebrehiwot/2019 Archive

Addis Abeba – In Irob woreda, in north eastern Tigray, “reports indicate over 33,000 people (65 per cent of the woreda population) are facing extreme food insecurity and have received limited assistance,” the UNOCHA said.

The Irob community are one of the two minority groups in Tigray regional state. The Kunama are the other minority group in Tigray.

Last week, Assimba Democratic Party (ADP), an opposition party based in Tigray state, pleaded for the release of its chairman, Dori Asgedom, who is in police custody in the capital Addis Abeba for more than 15 months. Assimba is an opposition political party from Tigray state that is representing the Irob community; it has been outspoken about the occupation by Eritrean army of the area and the Irob community since Ethiopia’s civil war began in November 2020.

The UN report also said that in March, reportedly over 87,000 people were displaced within Eastern zone due to insecurity and limited assistance. Furthermore, hostilities in Shire area, North Western zone led to civilian injuries and reports of damages to the premises of one aid partner.

Meanwhile, armed hostilities continued in various hotspots along the border with Eritrea. Additionally, clashes were reported along the border with Sudan in Bereket, close to the Hamdayet border crossing, and near May Kadra and Humera areas, forcing humanitarian staff to temporarily relocate to safer areas.

Access to Kafta Humera, Korarit, May Gaba, Welkait, and surrounding areas remains insecure, and many vulnerable people have not received assistance for months and are believed to be in dire need of humanitarian aid and protection services. UNOCHA/AS

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