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News: Addis Abeba security Peace and Security Bureau partners with Oromia region security structures; vows intensified measures against organized crimes, land grabbing by ‘extremists’

Kenea Yadeta (PhD), head of the Addis Abeba peace and security bureau
Photo: Addis Ababa City Communication

By Natnael Fite

Addis Abeba: Kenea Yadeta (PhD), head of the Addis Abeba peace and security bureau, spoke with the Oromia region state broadcaster discussing the security issues the city is facing. He mentioned that the city administration is devising a strategy to curb the pervasive security problems with the city in consultations with the public. One of those strategies is working in collaboration with security structures of the Oromia regional state, Kenea said. “We are working closely with Oromia region’s peace and security bureau, Oromia police commission and the security structures in and around Addis Abeba to identify security threats and solving them.”  

‘“The redundant theme raised in consultations was that if lawlessness is not contained within the capital, the ramifications would be wide for the whole country,’’ said Kenea. Acknowledging the rightful public concerns of organized crime, illegal land grabbing land theft, and other illegal activities, he added that efforts are underway to offer solutions to these issues. 

He stated that ‘extremists’ with different interests use the pretext of holiday rituals and inflation to create chaos. According to the security bureau head, measures were taken against ‘extermsists’ organized based on ethnic, religious and political affiliations who were arrested and investigated. 

Kenea spoke of widespread illegal land is being conducted by private individuals, groups in the  guiseof religion. “For instance, in the areas of Lami Kura, Lafto, Kolfe, and other areas of the city that share boundaries with the Oromia region are engaged in land grabbing. We are following this and the security forces are also following this and enforcing strict measures against it. ‘’ he said. 

Adding to this, he said, “The interests are wide, when we conducted our study, we came to find out that this is not only about land theft. There are political agendas , land expansion interests and attempts to create dipsuted among the people.’’  He underlined that, what he called ‘organized extremists’ are not only after land grabbing but also have major interests in affecting political change and gaining popularity. “However, the security structure will thwart the dreams of these ‘extremists’ and maintain peace,” he vowed.  

“The issue of crime and security issues have political interets at their cores,” he said, adding,  “And as such the solution is also political measures.” He went on to explain that extremism encompasses governmental structures in addition to political and religious organizations.  “As both party and government, directives have been set to get rid of such entities,’’ he said. 

“The city wants peace and if we compare it to past times, there has been an improvement in the city’s security situation. We are implementing strategies to cement the peace and coordinating with the security structure of Oromia, as such,” he concluded.  AS

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