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News Alert: Amhara state instructs regional forces to move from “self-defense to offensive positions”

Addis Abeba, July 14/2021 – Gizachew Muluneh, Director General of the Amhara Regional State Communication Affairs Bureau head, said today that regional fores are instructed to shift from self-defense position to offensive to fend off attack from Tigrayn forces.

In a statement, Gizachew said the Amhara region has decided to move from self-defense to offensive positions in the following fronts: Wag, Aber Gele and Tsegabti, Raya Front, Korem, Alamata and Bala, as well as Wolkait, Mai Tsebri and Tsegede fronts.

“Because the large-scale invasion against the region is a matter of survival, the regional state will no longer tolerate any evil conspiracy from destructive forces,” the regional state mass media quoted Gizachew as saying.

He further said that the war waged by Tigrayan forces on three different fronts against the Amhara region is an “open war” in which children, the elderly, members of clergy and women are being harassed and killed in violation of international laws. He added that the Amhara state has been trying to prevent and control invading forces so far, but that the region’s special forces and security forces have been ordered to move on from now onward. AS

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