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News: Amhara state security arrest 373 on suspicion of involvement in attacks in Gonder; movements of people, weapons restricted after 7 PM

Desalegn Tassew. Picture: AMECO

Addis Abeba – Amhara regional state peace and security bureau said 373 individuals were arrested in Gonder city following the recent violence in the city.

Violence targeting Muslim mourners erupted on 26 April at a funeral of Sheik Kamal Legas, a prominent local Sheik in the city who passed away after a short illness.

The bureau’s head Desalegn Tassew told state media that a curfew was placed in city restricting vehicles and people’s movements starting from 7: 00 PM local time; a ban is also imposed on individuals not to carry weapons, including wearing security uniforms, as well as ban on weapons entering or leaving the city.

Although several works were done to stabilize the situation and return the city to normal, unrest was being caused by internal and external factors, including social media, until Thursday 28 April, Desalegn said. According to him, “more than 20 commercial and residential buildings were set ablaze and 11 houses were partially and completely looted,” state media quoted him as saying.

The number of causalities stands at 14, he said, and added that they were “from the two faiths”; seven bodies have been taken by family members so far after presenting hospital papers. Some 118 people who sustained injuries both minor and serious ones are being treated, he said.

The arrested individuals “played a major role” in gang related activities, robberies and arson, among others, Desalegn said, and works were underway to prosecute security forces and political leaders who have played a direct or indirect role in exacerbating the problem by failing to act quickly and ignoring the situation have been prosecuted since his arrest. The Bureau has warned that it will not tolerate the forces working to reignite security crisis in in the city. AS

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