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News: Amidst growing calls to resolve Oromia conflict peacefully, govt. gears to conduct “organized law enforcement measures”

Participants of the meeting. Picture: OBN

Addis Abeba – The Oromia regional state has announced that it is preparing to take an “organized law enforcement measure” against rebel group Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) which it refers to as “Shane” and called on the public to rally with security forces.

A consultation meeting with local officials, regional and federal law enforcement bodies to bring lasting peace in Western Oromia cluster and the entire region was held on 21 December in Bedelle town of Bunno Bedelle zone, in South-Western Oromia, according to regional broadcaster.

Speaking at the meeting, deputy president of the region Awolu Abdi said, “it would be worked with serious attention to ensure lasting peace, in an organized law enforcement measure to be launched.” Awolu added that “…it would be worked attentively to liberate areas under the control of Shane, so as to eradicate it.”

One unnamed participant of the meeting said, “the public of Ilu Abba Bor, those from Darimu woreda in particular are ready to use the opportunity provided by the government and fight [the rebel group]”.

This comes amid growing call on the government to resolve the conflict in the region peacefully.

On 05 December members of the Ethiopian parliament elected from the Oromia region said they submitted a letter to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and senior leaders of the parliament urging the government among other things, to make peace deal with Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), in a same manner it did with Tigrayan forces.

“The Oromos have suffered in lack of peace. Killings and displacements have continued. The difficult situations the Oromo people are facing have persisted for long and doesn’t seem to have an end,” MP Buzayehu Degefa said, adding that, “the peace that has been made in Tigray has to be replicated in Oromia, and the people should be able to live in peace”.

The opposition, Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) in a statement released following the latest killings of civilians in East Wollega, Oromia, called on the government to solve the conflict in the region through political dialogue and peaceful means.

The United Nation’s Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) sayid last week that security situations and humanitarian delivery to people in need in the Oromia regional state is “fast deteriorating.” AS

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