News: Bahir Dar city reclaims serenity after intense clashes between government forces, Fano

Following recent confrontations between government security forces and the non-state militia known as Fano, Bahir Dar, the capital city of Ethiopia’s Amhara region, has regained its calmness. (Photo: Social Media)

Addis Abeba – Bahir Dar, the capital city of Ethiopia’s Amhara region, has restored its usual tranquility following clashes between government security forces and the non-state militia, Fano, which ensued on 29 February, 2024.

Tensions heightened within the city on the evening of the previous Thursday, particularly in localities identified as “Abay Mado” and “Kebele 14,” where exchanges of heavy weaponry were audible within the ‘Diaspora’ neighborhood.

While intermittent gunshots continued into Saturday morning, the situation de-escalated by the afternoon, according to local residents interviewed by Addis Standard.

The residents further disclosed that following the conflict, they had witnessed dead bodies strewn on the streets of both government security forces and armed groups in the “Abay Mado” area.

However, the situation has since stabilized, with transportation services resuming operations on Sunday and banks, businesses, and other essential services reopening this morning, as reported by resident.

A student at Bahir Dar University confirmed that while classes remain suspended, university staff have returned to their duties, and the overall movement within the city has normalized.

In response to the situation, the Bahir Dar City Police stated yesterday, “The security issue in areas surrounding the city has been resolved, leading to a peaceful environment.”

Walellign Bimrew, the chief of the Bahir Dar Police Department, acknowledged the security challenges encountered on 29 February. He stated that regional, municipal, and federal security entities collaborated to uphold the law and mitigate the risk of further escalation caused by “irresponsible parties.”

Wallelign acknowledged that the abrupt eruption of gunfire during security operations had unsettled residents, prompting the temporary cessation of transportation services and closure of businesses. Nevertheless, he verified that transportation services have resumed as of 03 March, and businesses have reopened, except for those adhering to the customary Sunday closure.

“The security issue that occurred in the vicinity of Bahir Dar city has now been resolved, leading to a state of tranquility,” Wallelign stated, further emphasizing,” The people strongly prefer that peace be respected.” AS

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