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News: Citing personal reasons, Filsan Abdullahi resigns as minister of women, children and youth affairs

Filsan Abdullahi Ahmed, the Youngest Minister in Ethiopia’s History appointed at age 28

By Addis Standard Staff 

Addis Abeba, September 28/2021 – Yesterday and days before the formation of the new government, Filsan Abdullahi Ahmed resigned from her post as Minister of Women, Children and Youth Affairs citing personal reasons behind her decision. 

Filsan, who is a speech and language therapy consultant by training, became known for her stand on issues related to women rights and Ethio-Somali rights. She is the founder of Nabad TV , the first private TV channel in Af Soomaali.

Before being appointed as Minister of Women, Children and Youth Affairs, she was first appointed as Federal Goodwill Ambassador by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. She was appointed as minister on March 12, 2020 replacing Yalem Tsegaye. 

Amid pressures and criticism of the ministry’s silence on sexual violence on Tigray, she confirmed that conclusive evidence was found that sexual violence occured in the Tigray region. She said in a series of tweets posted on her official twitter account in February, 2021, “We have received the report back from our taskforce team on the ground in the Tigray region, they have unfortunately established rape has taken place conclusively and without a doubt.”

She promised to deliver justice and announced the establishment of a taskforce, “As the taskforce included a team from the Attorney General’s office, which are currently processing the data in terms of numbers, we await the investigation of these horrible crimes and hopefully see when the perpetrators are brought to justice.”

However, in her resignation letter that was addressed to PM Abiy Ahmed and shared on social media, she highlighted the reasons behind her resignation and acknowledged challenges and failures due to financial and bureaucratic strains. 

She said, “Despite working through the pressure and strains of any job, I hope you will agree  on the importance of the difference between when we should work through challenges and when it is time to leave a position,” adding, “Any situation that compromises my ethics, is contrary to my convictions and values, and betraying these beliefs is a breach of trust to myself and our citizens.” 

Filsan concluded her letter by offering her resignation effective immediately, she said, “For reasons of a personal nature that weigh heavily on my conscience, I regretfully submit my letter of resignation effective immediately.” AS

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