News: Debre Birhan prohibits movement without resident ID as of today

Debre Birhan is about 120 kilometers north east of Addis Abeba
Photo: Debre Birhan city Communication Affairs Office

By Addis Standard Staff 

Addis Abeba, November 25,2021- The administration of Debre Birhan city prohibited the movement of individuals without the city’s resident ID as of today. In a statement released yesterday evening the biggest city  in the North Shewa zone announced its decision to curb movement without carrying resident ID within the city.

According to the statement, the city administration made the decision to rid the city of infiltrators who entered the city and are collecting and conveying intel. Without divulging further details the statement said that the move is aimed at identifying infiltrators. 

The city administration starting from today prohibits the movement of individuals without resident ID in all areas of the city during the day. The IDPs who sought refuge in the city were also urged to enter their designated shelters.

The city of Debre Birhan, which is located about 120 kilometers away from the capital Addis Abeba imposed curfew in late October restricting the movement of all vehicles other than ambulances and patrols between 5:00 AM and 8:30 PM and of pedestrians between 5 AM to 10 PM. At the time the city administration cited  threats such as infiltrators, recent incident in Majete town, the huge influx of IDPs from Oromia and several other regions as well as ‘the eyeing of the city by terrorist groups. AS

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