News: Defense Force to press charges against “Prophet” seen performing miracle prayers to army members in uniform

Self-proclaimed controversial evangelical “Prophet” Ayu Chufa (right) performing miracle prayer to members of the ENDF. Screeshot

Addis Abeba, May 03/2021 – Colonel Getnet Adane of the Public Relations Directorate at the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) said that ENDF was finalizing preparations to press charges against self-proclaimed controversial evangelical “Prophet” Ayu Chufa, who recently released a video of him performing miracle prayers to members of the ENDF.

Colonel Getnet accused “Prophet” Ayu of disseminating the video which is disrespectful of the members of ENDF who appeared in the video wearing their uniforms. Such act will taint ENDF’s reputation, Colonel Getnet said adding that the army has also found its members were participants of the miracle prayer session led by the “Prophet”. They are under arrest by ENDF military police crime investigation unit and the case will be presented at military court.

ENDF members who were engaged in similar offenses in various religious institutions were disciplined in the past, Colonel Getnet said and cautioned that in the future a member of the army who is a follower of any religion engaged in similar acts will be held accountable. AS

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