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News: ECX announces release of detained employees of six branches; offices remain closed

By Etenesh Abera @EtenbeshAb 

Addis Abeba – Netsanet Tesfaye, Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) Corporate Communication Bureau head, told Addis Standard that employees of the six of its branches who were arrested without any charges were released last Saturday. The offices however remain closed while there are ongoing discussions to open the branches officially, Netasanet said. 

Lemma Befekadu, the manager of ECX branch in Gimbi town, told Addis Standard that the aforementioned employees [including him] are out on bail without any legal procedure. “We stayed nine days without any investigations. We didn’t appear in court. All that we were told is that both our arrest and release were ordered from higher echelons.” 

Lemma added that their offices remain closed until the publication of this news. Addis Standard‘s attempts to reach the police administrations of Adama and Gimbi cities for comment were unsuccessful. 

ECX branches in Oromia regional state; Mettu, Gimbi, Jimma, Bedele, Nekemet, and Adama, where one-fifth of ECX’s total employees worked, were shut down and its employees were detained under unclear circumstances earlier in April. AS

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