News: Ethiopia dismisses reports of fatal attack on Sudanese forces, says measures taken on infiltrators

Selamawit Kassa, State Minister of Government Communication Service

Addis Abeba, November 29/2021 – State Minister of Government Communication Service Selamawit Kassa in the Ministry’s routine presser has dismissed recent media reports that Ethiopian forces have attacked Sudanese forces during clashes bordering the two countries. 

However, Selamawit said the government had cracked down on militants who had recently infiltrated through Sudan.

Media reports quoted Sudan’s army as saying on Saturday that “several soldiers had been killed in an attack by armed groups and militias linked to the Ethiopian military in a disputed fertile border region.” 

Selamawit dismissed the reports and said that since the start of Ethiopia’s campaign for its existence, there have been several incidents when infiltrators tried to use the border with Sudan. She said that the government has been making various efforts to repel these infiltrators and prevent them from inflicting damage by taking various measures. The government has continued to take measures, she said. 

Sudan and Ethiopia are long standing neighbors and the people of the two countries have a strong foundation of people-to-people ties. 

The State Minister further expressed the government’s belief that this history and social cohesion between the two countries would enable both to overcome their problems in the face of various incidents that could jeopardize their good relations. AS

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