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News: Ethiopia frees Andargachew Tsige, drops charges against Berhanu Nega, Jawar Mohammed and two media orgs


Mahlet Fasil

Addis Abeba, May 28/2018 – Ethiopia has finally released Andargachew Tsige, the co-founder and secretary-general of Ginbot 7, Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy. in the same day the attorney general confirmed that active criminal charges against Dr.  Berhanu Nega, leader of Ginbot 7 were dropped.

Andargachew was released this afternoon after speculations of his release gripped the country since yesterday. He is currently at his family’s house in Bole, Olympia area. The 63 years old father of three, Andargachew, a.k.a Andy, has been in Ethiopian prison for the last four years after Ethiopian security forces have kidnapped him from Sene’a airport in Yemen and renditioned him secretly to Ethiopia where he was already sentenced to death in 2009.

In similar development, the attorney general office confirmed this afternoon that criminal charges against against Berhanu Nega, leader of G7, as well as Jawar Mohammed, executive director of OMN media and a prominent Oromo activist, has been discontinued.

Dr. Berhanu and Jawar were the second  and third defendants  in absentia under the infamous criminal charges file under Dr. Merera Gudina, leader of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), who was released in March after his charges were also dropped.

The attorney general’s office has also said charges against two foreign based media organizations, OMN and ESAT were dropped. Both institutions were charged under the country’s repressive terrorism law. AS

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