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News: Ethiopian Airlines refutes reference of “Airline police station” in charges of rape, corruption and abuse of power against police officers

Addis Abeba – Ethiopian Airlines said that a reference to the presence of “Airline police Station” in the prosecutor’s recent charges against members of law enforcement and their accomplices who are charged with crimes rape, grave corruption and abuse of power is erroneous.

In a statement Ethiopian Airlines sent to Addis Standard said that the scene for the alleged crimes committed against a woman plaintiff was “mistakenly referred to as ‘Airline Police Station'”

“We understand that it creates a false impression. However, the said criminal act happened not in the Ethiopian Airlines or Bole Airport area, but at a police station in Bole, in an area called Bole Rwanda.”

Parts of a screenshot of a statement by the Ministry of Justice details details of the charges.

The charges in question by the federal prosecutor are filed against four defendants from the law enforcement and one defendant mentioned as “self-employed.” They are accused of crimes of rape, grave corruption and abuse of power committed against a woman victim.

Defendants were named by the prosecutors as: Deputy Inspector Mengstu Gebremichael, Head of the Criminal Investigation department at the Airport Police Station, Chief Sergeant Bose Lemlemu, Inspector of Bole Airport Police Station, Major Yohannes Abebe, federal defense force officer at the Ministry of Defense, Adam Syed Mohammed, self-employed, and Assistant Sergeant Tamam, member of Crime Prevention department at the Addis Abeba Police.

Part of the crime described in the prosecutor’s charge stated a scene as airline police station where, on 05 August, the defendants took the victim from a police station where she was detained at threatened her to charge her with terrorism unless she complied with their demands. It is also the same scene where the victim was kept in a dark room for three days and raped twice by Assistant Sergeant Tamam Aburai Likkasa, a member of Crime Prevention department at the Addis Abeba Police, according to the charges.

The statement from Ethiopian Airlines the scene was mistakenly mentioned as “Arline police station” and that “it has nothing to do with the Airport.” AS

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