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News: Ethiopian law makers approve bill on extradition, mutual judicial cooperation in criminal matters with Türkiye and UAE

The bills were “approved by majority vote with three objections and one abstention.” Photo: HoPR

Addis Abeba – The House of People’s Representatives (HopR) in its 19th regular meeting today approved approved bills on extradition and cooperation agreement in criminal matters with the governments of Türkiye and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The bill on the extradition of individuals wanted for crimes, and mutual legal cooperation in criminal matters between Ethiopia and the governments of Türkiye and the UAE was approved by the Council of Ministers (CoM) in January this year and was subsequently sent to law makers for deliberations and approval of both bills into law.

The Council said that the draft agreement on the extradition of individuals wanted for crimes “creates a legal framework for the bilateral cooperation in extradition of persons wanted for crimes, and have significant importance to ensure the rule of law.” Similarly, it said that “the agreement on mutual judicial cooperation in criminal matters creates greater framework and importance to exchange information and evidence, as well as prevent organized and cross-border crimes within the undersigned countries.”

The HoPR said today that approving the bills into law “will enable Ethiopia to work together with” the government of Türkiye and the UAE on criminal matters.

MP Esgenet Mengestu, Chairwoman of the Standing Committee on Law and Justice Affairs of the parliament, presented a report and a proposal to lawmakers for a resolution.

HoPR further said lawmaker gave different opinions on the bills before voting to approve them. Among concerns raised by MPs include comments by MP Desalegn Chane (Dr.) of the National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) party. Desalegn said that bill on the extradition agreement “should not be approved as it restricts the rights of citizens and leads to the extradition of different individuals who have differences of opinion.”

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Other MPs however expressed their views that the proposed bills “will help strengthen the country’s diplomatic relations with various countries, protect the country’s sovereignty and facilitate the work of the government,” HoPR said.

Accordingly, Parliament voted the bills Proclamation No. 1290/2023, 1291/2023, 1292/2023 and Proclamation No. 1293/2023 which were “approved by majority vote with three objections and one abstention.”

The Parliaments regular meeting was attended by South African parliamentary delegations who are in Ethiopia for exchange of experiences with the Ethiopian Parliament. AS

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