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News: Ethiopian Orthodox Church denounces ‘Western influence on homosexuality’, calls for government resistance

Members of the permanent synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (Photo: EOTC TV/Facebook)

Addis Abeba – The Permanent Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church issued a statement yesterday condemning the endeavors of Western nations to “advance homosexuality and same-sex relationships” in Ethiopia “through implicit political and economic pressure.”

The synod fervently urged the Ethiopian government to refrain from accepting or implementing any agreements or influences that promote homosexuality.

“It is apparent that certain Western countries have incorporated these practices into their laws and social norms, deeming them justifiable elements of inclusivity and equality,” the statement affirmed. “Concurrently, they are exerting continuous pressure on African and Eastern nations that steadfastly oppose such practices, with the aim of eventual conformity.”

The religious leadership voiced apprehension that foreign governments and organizations might be subtly endeavoring to “promote the normalization of homosexuality” in Ethiopian society under the guise of routine diplomatic, trade, or development agreements.

“According to media and other sources, homosexuality and related activities are implicitly integrated into trade, political, economic, justice, and humanitarian relations through the formulation and implementation of agreements,” the statement read. “This requires urgent investigation.”

Although not specifying any particular agreements, the synod indicated that problematic clauses might encompass endorsements of “sexual education curricula,”  “sex reassignment surgery,” or the facilitation of “same-sex” and “loose opposite-sex” practices.

The statement highlighted that homosexuality is in conflict with deeply rooted religious and cultural traditions in Ethiopia, noting that “same-sex marriage is prohibited by law as per Article 13 of our nation’s amended family law.”

The request for investigations arises amid contention surrounding a purported agreement with the European Union (EU), which some Ethiopian social media influencers contend advocates for homosexuality.

Last week, the Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia issued similar statement alleging the agreement signed between African countries including Ethiopia as well as Caribbean, and Pacific nations with the EU.

While expressing support for cooperation, the council objected to aspects it contends relate to “sex rights, gender change, abortion,” and other concepts that contradict Ethiopian values. AS

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