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News: Family of Tamrat Negera unable to find his whereabouts since Friday

Tamrat Negera, editor-in chief of Terara Network

By Addis Standard Staff  

Addis Abeba, December 13, 2021- Tamrat Negera, the editor in chief of the online media Terara Network was arrested last Friday from his house. The YouTube based media network said in a statement today that the family of Tamrat were unable to find him at Addis Abeba Police Commission’s Sostegna Police Station after his arrest on Friday. His wife Selam Belay told Addis Standard that their attempts to locate him since last Friday were futile. 

On Friday, Tamrat was taken by men wearing uniforms of the federal police, according to Selam, who added that the police confiscated all media equipment that they said were needed for information after searching his residence and his office. She also said that they were not told the reason for his arrest. 

In a statement shared this afternoon, Terara Network said that Tamrat’s family who went to Sostegna police station on Friday was told that his case was transferred to Oromia police commission. Since then the family went to the Oromia police commission and were told that Tamrat was not brought there, the statement said. 

The statement continued, Tamrat’s family was told to look for him in police stations found in Oromia Special Zone Surrounding Finfinne, Burayu and Gelan. The family was not able to find him in police stations in the said towns according to the statement, prompting them to return to Sostegna police station demanding the whereabouts of Tamrat. “His family was today told that they might have searched the wrong address and were referred back to Gelan city,” the statement read, adding, “His family is in distress for not being able to deliver food and medicine for Four days.”

Addis Standard contacted the spokesperson of the Addis Abeba police commission, Commissioner Fasika Fanta who responded by expressing his guesses that Tamrat might be in the custody of Oromia police commission. The commissioner of Oromia police commission, Ararsa Merdasa declined to comment unless he is contacted in person. AS

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